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7 Smart Marketing Strategies for Schools Using Educational Mailing Lists

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Educational Mailing Lists

A good school knows how to market itself in a successful way. Meticulous planning goes into creating marketing strategies that can work. Oftentimes, it happens that these plans backfire and the school ends up paying for it. A mailing list can help avoid some of these inconveniences. An educational mailing list contains relevant information about prospective students, parents and teachers in looking for a school to join. Having a list with relevant email addresses, home addresses and names of students at hand allows schools to narrow down their target audience and implement a more effective and foolproof strategy.

Let’s explore some of these plans!

Here are 7 smart ways of marketing for schools:

Revamping your website:

Keep your website/blog updated with the latest news and events. This can help you in communicating to new parents what is going on in school. Also, it helps establish a rapport between the school and the parent which can be helpful when conveying important messages through email newsletters.

Next up is improving SEO.

Refine your Search Engine Strategy:

The next step is to go ahead and refine your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to certain websites or search engines. It helps in positioning yourself as a leader in the field of education, which can be done by creating content that people would want to share with their friends over social media like Facebook or Twitter. The more you are shared on these platforms, the higher your rank on search engines like Google can be. A well put together mailing list should always have up to date information of active users who are searching for educational institutes.

Online Reviews:

Another good way to market your school is by getting it reviewed. Most parents, when looking for a new school look up online reviews and weigh in on which one they should send their children to. A nice review can go a long way, especially when it’s done by the student body. It can attract new prospective students. These reviews can then be pitched to students looking for admissions by using information from your mailing list.

Next we discuss email workflows and how they can be helpful.

Building Email Workflows:

One of the best ways to market is by building email workflows. For instance, you can send out a monthly newsletter which contains all the important events that are happening in school for the month. It can help parents know what extracurricular activities the school offers. An optimized email workflow can make full use of educational mailing lists to send personalized notifications to students in the right domain. School mailing lists serve you well in marketing and can be easily procured from trustworthy companies like LISTGIANT.

Let’s talk about the impact of starting school blogs.

Launching a School Blog:

Another effective way of marketing is by launching a blog for your school. Having a properly set up blog for your school is a blessing in disguise as it serves as a one stop shop for potential teachers and students to come and learn about your institute. A mailing list can make sure all the traffic you receive on your blog is aspiring students and tutors with an active social presence.

Integrating SMS:

SMS is an effective way to communicate with people. It has a high open rate and can be used as a means of communicating important messages like scholarship, deadlines and so on. By sending out personalized text messages, you improve the chances of parents reading it which can help in increasing your brand visibility. Text is the most basic and upfront way of sending messages. Using it as a marketing strategy can be of great help to schools.

Distributing pamphlets is another great way to market your services.

Sending out pamphlets:

Another way of marketing is by sending pamphlets to all the parents on your mailing list. It contains important information about school policies, guidelines and so on for them to know more about your institute. Parents tend to keep these documents with them which can be useful if there ever arises a situation where they need to refer back to it. Coupling it with a discount voucher on new admissions can be the icing on top!

These were some smart ways of implementing the best marketing plans for schools. As we saw, educational mailing lists played a vital role in directing where these strategies should be implemented. They also helped with targeting a focused audience like prospective students and willing parents, and delivering them relevant and useful information.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What are the best ways to use mailing lists for marketing?

There are multiple ways of using mailing lists in order to market your school, one of which is to create content that would be shared over social media like Facebook and Twitter which can help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How many subscribers should I have before starting my marketing campaign?

It is advised that you start with at least 2000 potential individuals who are willing to hear about your school or institute. It can help get things moving on a more professional note and not come across as spam for those who have opted in.

What will I get from having a well-organized mailing list?

A properly maintained and organized mailing list helps with marketing because it provides you with an opportunity to target your audience specifically. It makes sure that the information they receive is relevant to them which increases chances of building a loyal fan base.

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