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Does size matter?

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Did the joke about small hands and small penis get to you? Have you started wondering if size matters? If so, you are not the first one to wonder about the size of your penis. According to one study, 68% of the male participants were concerned about the size of the genitals. Not only is size considered as a symbol of being a superior male, but it also gives men a boost of confidence.

Unfortunately, those relegated to the rooms of small penis then suffer from various insecurities. They become extra stressed about their size. This then can also lead to performance anxiety, that might cause sexual dysfunction, meriting treatment from the best Sexologist in Lahore then.

The impact of size talk

The talk about the penile size is mostly not corroborated by science; there is a lot of misinformation about what the average penis size should be. Also, penis enlargement surgery helps to make your penis size better.

However, that does not lessen the psychological impact of the size on the minds of men. Your perception of self is important across all domains of life, including your sex life. When you do not perceive yourself as worthy enough, your performance also lapses then.

Sex is not just about physical stimulation. It has got a lot to do with your mind. When that’s preoccupied by your size, anxiety and stress will brew. It may also then have an impact on your relationship as well. Moreover, your insecurity about your size may also make your vulnerable as well.

So, what is the average size?

It is time to tone down the myths, because the average size of erect penis is around 6 inches, whereas a flaccid one comes around to 3.6 inches in length, on average. The girth – which is also a big thing, but no pressure – is on average, 5 inches.

The difference between the erect and flaccid penis is also not set in stone. For in some people, the difference will be greater than 1.5 inches, in others, it will be even less than 1.5. Bottomline, the two do not influence each other.

More importantly, does size matter?

Now to the million-dollar question; does size matter?

And the answer is, not really. As long as you are in the average-penis size territory, you are good to go. The self-induced torture results from misconstrued notions about the average size. According to a study, women find the size of their partner satisfactory, but it’s the men who have issues with their size.

Moreover, another study found out that most women were happy with penis size of around 6.3-6.4 inches, which is very much in the range of the average size of the penis.

Ironically, having a big penis is a turn off for some women. Few even left their partners because of the size being too big. Another notch against a big penis is the discomfort endured by the female partner.

Big penis causes greater friction against the vaginal wall, tearing the tissue as a result. This also increases the chances of bacterial vaginosis in the women then, as the bacteria are better able to make it into the vagina via the tears.

Are you even measuring right?

You cannot eyeball the size of penis. If you are fixated on the size of your penis, you can measure it. For measuring erect penis, look at emma watson nude photos and once it’s erect start from the public bone, and go up to the tip of the penis. Be sure to place the ruler above the penis, so you can see it.

However, many people think their penis is smaller due to relative size of their body. Men who are taller or healthier may think their penis is smaller then.

Now, did you get a new perspective?

Rather than winding yourself up over nothing, suffering from sexual dysfunction that requires treatment from the best sexologist in Karachi, know that size matters only so much!

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