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Configuration Profile Enforcement

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Configuration Profile Enforcement

A configuration profile is a file used by MDM solutions to deliver and manage policies and network settings, provide custom emails, and more on Apple devices. The profile created with Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility can be used when the organisation wants to simultaneously secure and configure a large number of devices.  Configuration profiles configure accounts, settings, and restrictions automatically, on all devices with the help of MDM Solutions.

A configuration profile can be created by MDM solutions, Apple configurator 2, or can be created manually. Before sending the configuration profile to the device, it is necessary to enrol the device in an MDM solution specified for the device. This allows the MDM solution to send commands, allow configuration profiles to the device, and question certain aspects of the device. There will only be one enrolment profile on a device, at a time. If the user deletes the configuration profile the configuration profiles and all the managed apps are removed.

Various settings in the configuration profile include:

  • Network and VPN
  • Mail settings
  • Credentials and keys
  • Updates of software
  • Password policies
  • Restrictions on device features and many more

Configuration profiles can be signed and encrypted to validate their origin and to ensure integrity. Installation can be done by users themselves from Apple configurator 2 or by downloading the link for the email sent by MDM.

The users can install configuration profiles directly on their devices. Configuration profiles can be locked to prevent their removal by third parties. Only users with passwords will be able to remove it. There are chances that malicious content is sent in the name of configuration profiles as it allows the attacker to monitor the device. Thus, could even impersonate secure websites like banks.

Users must always double-check the emails and other prompts before agreeing to their policies. Agreeing to policies and downloading to the device is the only way in which the Apple devices are affected. iOS is very less vulnerable to malware, but it is important to understand that no platform is entirely safe.

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