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Comparing best JavaScript framework vs. other frameworks

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Javascript is among the various programming languages that are out that are used for web development (specific JS frameworks help with native mobile development). Because of JS, the websites full stack developer online course you visit contain more activities than just showing static data for you to browse. For instance, this can include live updates to content and dynamic maps, interactive graphics, and even videos. Thus, three are in the web’s standard and available technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A while ago, javascript script was just a script used to double-check the browser developed under Netscape. Now more than twenty years, everything has changed. Who would think javascript will be that popular? People didn’t take javascript seriously in the past. Those who take javascript seriously were very few. Now Javascript is the most used language globally, withholding 3rd position Statista reports beating PHP python and many others. With frameworks like Nodejs, javascript is at another level.

So let us see how javascript beats the odds with other languages.

JavaScript vs. C: let see the Comparison

  • C is used as compiled while JavaScript is used primarily as interpreted but sometimes you can use it as compiled at runtime (by JIT-Just in time compiler).
  • JavaScript is dynamically typed, but C is static due to a structure-based.
  • Javascript easily handles blocks of memory, but C requires allocating and reclaiming again.
  • C code always need different process, while javascript doesn’t need a separate process to compile
  • Cis created in that way to work with computer memory though while JavaScript does not need to
  • The main difference between C and JS is they are both used in different ways too. C is used for embedded systems and those applications which require heavy performance due to its structural methods. However, Javascript is dynamic but cannot be used for robust embedded systems. It is used for web pages and sometimes for server-side applications, too, when you use Node JS.
  • Because C is structural, it shows explicit control of threads in codes. At the same time, Javascript likes to play multiple tasks at a time by splitting them into each other using async functions.
  • C is a structural language, and JavaScript is oop-based. Therefore they are mostly different from each other in many aspects.

Let’s see what Java says when we compare it with Javascript.

  • Java and Javascript can both run on the Jit compiler (just in time). It ran only once Javascript in the past, but new updates make JavaScript more advanced in the Jit compiler.
  • JavaScript is statically typed, while JavaScript is dynamically typed.
  • In some way, Java strongly types because it is pure oop-based, while JS is not.
  • Javascript is used for solid applications, but JS does not offer directly but offers synthesized, which is still not that strong.
  • Many servers and browsers once used Java, but it is weak due to its solid and extensive typing process. However, on the other hand, Javascript, due to its dynamics, helps to increase.
  •  Java And JavaScript can support other languages due to their remarkable frameworks, libraries, and integration process. In addition, cross compilers can help languages to convert and run on Java JVM or JS engines.
  • Newly updated from Java 8 and others help Java embed more, giving an edge compared to JavaScript.
  • Java gives explicit control over threading. But Javascript is the opposite and hides its function structure.

Javascript vs. C#

  • C# can comply with bytecode Jit, but the catch is it is in intermediate form. On the other hand, Javascript can run on the JIT compiler.
  • Javascript is dynamically typed, but C# is statically typed.
  • C# has LINQ, A powerful .NET component, but Javascript has separate libraries covering its functionality.
  • C C# also has explicit control over threading, and Javascript hides this with its call and response function.
  • C# also operates overloading, but javascript doesn’t.

Javascript and Python: to popular languages battle 

  • Javascript was initially designed to support HTML pages, and Python was made to run CLI to support servers and desktops.
  • Both languages are prevalent. Python is famous as a data processing language in social sciences, and javascript can be found on the server-side and other tech industries.
  • Python offers flexible parameters in the form of blocks, but Javascript insists that all parameters be specified.
  • Javascript code works by events, but Python code responds to function calls.
  • The majority of python libraries are dedicated to data processing and analysis, whereas javascript libraries are utilized in browsers to render HTML.

JavaScript vs PHP

  • Both JS and Php are scripting languages interpreted initially at runtime and used by the JIT compiler.
  • Both dynamical type variables.
  • Php is designed for a website with assembled HTML. And we know that Javascript was just created for the browser, but now it is also used as a server language.

Best JavaScript backend framework vs. Ruby

  • Javascript ran on the client’s browser, but ruby ran on the server with its rails framework.
  • Javascript uses Node.js framework on the server, and ruby use rails framework.
  • Both JS and Ruby are dynamically typed.
  • Javascript uses curly brackets, while ruby uses the keyword ‘end.’
  • Javascript takes some of its syntaxes from Java and C, and Ruby borrows from Perl and Smalltalk.
  • Javascript is becoming a general-purpose language, while ruby is used in limits. However, some administrators prefer Ruby because it supports their server through CLI.


All this comparison with top languages and their frameworks shows us we choose the best JavaScript backend framework. So we can create an impact in every industry using JS. To understand the comparison well so you can make a fantastic app for yourself.

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