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Classic eyelash extension: the very first foundation

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Classic eyelash extension

As a lash artist, are you sure you already know this type of eyelash extension? If the answer is no, here’s what you’ll need to know. When it comes to the most basic type of eyelash extension, it will be the classic eyelash extension type.

1. What is the classic lash extension type?

Classic lashes are essentially single lashes that are utilized in the traditional way of applying for eyelash extensions. Classic eyelash extension, commonly referred to as one-by-one eyelash extension, is a technique that involves individually attaching each eyelash.

What are classic eyelash extensions exactly? Splicing lash classic simply refers to joining each artificial eyelash to the natural ones using the idea that an extension separates each natural lash. Korean and Japanese ladies have long used this as a common beautification technique. The classic eyelash extensions procedure typically uses lashes of 0.1-0.25mm size. Clients will have huge, round eyes and naturally appealing eyelashes thanks to this kind of eyelash extension.

2. Benefits of classic eyelash extension?

Due to its benefits, the classic eyelash extension method is frequently highly well-liked. First off, even if your clients are just trying it out for the first time, they feel relatively light and quickly adapt to the eyelashes because all of the classic lashes used in this way have a certain softness and lightness loved by those who have used them. However, the results after joining will only truly satisfy clients when utilizing high-quality eyelashes. To make your clients look beautiful, you should also decide to get classic eyelash goods from respected businesses and manufacturers.

Additionally, since each extension lash is uniquely connected to each client’s natural lash, your clients may easily use an eyelash brush to maintain their extension lashes without worrying that they will become tangled up. The safety of your client’s natural lashes is another benefit of the classic eyelash extension process. Particularly for clients with sparse natural lashes, you can also reassure them and advise them on this method of applying eyelash extensions. Only one extension lash is connected to 1 natural lash, so regardless of how thick the extension lash is, there is no fear of putting too much weight on the natural lash.

In summary, this beauty technique helps your clients feel more confident by overcoming the drawbacks of sparse and short eyelashes. This kind of eyelash extension is appropriate for many situations, including going to school, working, going out, and even attending parties, saving busy girls a significant amount of time when doing cosmetics. Therefore, you might suggest this classic eyelash extension to clients who don’t have much time for beauty to assist them in having lovely and appealing eyelashes without spending too much time on daily makeup.

3. How long does classic eyelash extension lash?

A set of eyelash extensions typically lasts at least two weeks and more than a month, depending on the kind of eyelash extension and the artist’s skill. It is typical for a classic eyelash extension set to be kept for more than four weeks, if the client has healthy natural eyelashes. However, with classic eyelash extensions, if the procedure is carried out by a qualified lash artist, the extension classic lashes, eyelash glue, and eyelash extension tools are of the highest quality. At the same time, the client takes good care of their eyelashes.

First and foremost, you must purchase and use high-quality goods, mainly classic eyelashes, glue, and tools for applying eyelash extensions. All of them are offered by trustworthy eyelash extension businesses, like LLBA Professional. This well-known maker of eyelash extension items specializes in providing premium eyelash extension tools, eyelash glues, and classic lashes in various styles at extremely affordable costs. We have some advice for you below if you want to effectively apply classic eyelash extensions and keep them in place for the duration of your client’s gorgeous eye appearance.

Next, we advise you to continue honing your techniques because the lash artist’s eyelash extension skill is the single most crucial component in ensuring that the client’s eyelash extensions appear as lovely as they had hoped. Always remember that your eyelash extension talent will decide how well the process goes; a miss is as good as a mile. Finally, if you want your clients’ traditional eyelash extensions to last longer, be sure to provide them with clear instructions on how to maintain them at home and don’t forget to remind them to acquire new ones.

We hope the above information has helped you answer basic questions about classic eyelash extensions. Don’t forget to consider our suggestions for the best result in your work.

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