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BR070903 – How to learn badminton Quickly – Tips

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Badminton is one of the easiest and beginner-friendly sports. So, if you are eager to learn badminton and want to know more about this field then here is the ultimate guide about How to learn Badminton Quickly? But first you will need a good racket, don’t worry, you can get many best racket under 1000 and get started.

Let’s take a deep dive into this article to get tips on how to learn badminton quickly.

Ultimate Tips To Learn Badminton Quickly

In order to play good badminton, a person needs to follow some of the tips that are listed below:

  1. A player should learn all the basics of the game. Try to become a master of those basic skills that are required in the game. The basic skills like footwork patterns, different grips, basic shots such as drop shots, lift shots, etc. are needed to learn properly.
  2. It’s the rule of any game to start with a warm-up because if you are going to play any sport then initially your muscles are in your comfort state so to give a kick start and stretch your muscles always initiate with a warm-up. Your body will benefit from a warm-up before aerobic activity. 
  3. Your cardiovascular system is gradually revved up during a warmup by increasing body temperature and boosting blood flow to your muscles. Warming up may also assist lower injury risk and muscular discomfort. This will help you to avoid any injury and you will get ready for the next play. 
  4. A player should work on his footwork to serve back to the opponent. One must remember that a strong serve works for their win in the game. The stronger the serve, the better is point gaining.
  5. One should also remember about the mobility training and flexibility training of the body.
  6. Shuttle cock also known as a bird, or birdie, is the ball in badminton that a player sends to another player across the net, and the opponent has to hit that cock to win the game. If the player misses that cock to hit, then a point will be lost by you, and in this way, each player tries to hit the cock as long as possible in order to win the badminton game. 
  7. Now think that the shuttle is the ball that is propelled by the air so choosing the correct shuttle is important for this game. There are various types of shuttle such as real feather and plastic shuttle. So at which level you are playing decides the feather. 
  8. If you are a beginner, then a high-quality shuttle does not matter so you may choose a medium-quality shuttle for practice. But if you are an experienced person then chose strong shuttles. 
  9. One should look after their equipment. Keep it dirt and bacteria-free by taking good care of it.  A great player does not blame his equipment for his faults and failures. A badminton racket should be kept in his racket bag to save it from damage. The racket should be wiped properly and daily. 
  10. Study the advantages and disadvantages of the court. A player should study why they have used a certain shot, or tactic against the opponent. Top players have different mindsets and strategies for their every game.
  11. The player should Focus on the process of learning. They should enjoy the process. All the great players have a growth mindset, they always focus on growing by learning through their mistakes and failures. They embrace their experience. Learn through the process without worrying about the outcome of it.
  12. If you keep on practising and working hard, you will stretch your limits and experiment to get great results out of your practice. While practising you will learn to focus on your game and your muscle will learn to work on their own. Muscle memory will help in good gameplay. 
  13. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Try to master your skills and abilities which will help you be great at the game. Working on your weaknesses will also help you in shining in the game.
  14. Enjoy the learning and game. Even if you win or lose, you should always enjoy the game. This way you will play for a long time and keeps interested in it. There is no point in struggling if you don’t enjoy the game. You should focus on having a healthy interaction with different people and learning from other people. While you will be free from pressure and free from all the negativity, you will play the game with a free spirit and enjoy the journey of learning and playing.
  15. Learning from others’ experiences and getting tips from coaches and trainers will help you in getting better techniques for your game. Only Practice will help you in playing well and great. 
  16. Challenge yourself every day and try to be great at your game. Various skills and speed will make up a good player.

Wrapping Up

Everything starts with zero so don’t get underconfident if you are not able to play perfectly initially. Practice and consistency is the rule of every game, success, or anything. If you want to be fluent then, practice regularly as much as you can and remember the above golden tips of badminton.

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