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Bitcoinmerch.com Legit?

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Bitcoinmerch.com Legit

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoins in circulation. This is the critical lifeline of the blockchain. For bitcoin mining to take place, sophisticated hardware must come into play. This hardware solves very complex math problems and the first computer to receive the answer gets a new block of bitcoins. This process is repeated.

The process of mining crypto is pretty costly but also very rewarding. This is what pulls in investors. Miners receive rewards with crypto tokens. Crypto mining is the new gold and as a beginner crypto entrepreneur, nothing entices you more than the opportunity to make good money.

The field has attracted both genuine and non-genuine players

Meet Idan Abada, a man on a mission to make it possible for any beginner to mint new crypto coins. He does not believe that the pros should have it. He started out by posting a video of himself running an $875 mini bitcoin mining rig on Starbucks electricity. His was a simple rig that was powered via USB.

So far Abada’s story on where and when he started, checks out but what seems to be the problem is his site, Bitcoinmerch.com. Abada says Bitcoin Merch sales have hit $428,000 so far this year, up 355% from 2020. These figures are true and he is doing quite well for himself but the main issue is that customers have been complaining online about the faulty miners they have been receiving from Bitcoin Merch. The site has received a rating of 3.7 / 5 from many sites so why do they seem to be selling more but the quality is wanting? Could it be that someone is trying to sabotage Bitcoin Merch? Why would a site that offers affordable Bitcoin miners be in danger? Well, the competition is stiff and anyone can write anything. There are very few negative reviews concerning Bitcoin Merch.

Social proof

Bitcoin Merch social media status

  • Linked to several trusted sites
  • Facebook audience
  • Present on Twitter
  • Present on Instagram

Cheap mining gear still loses money

Idan Abada might have shown the world via Tik Tok, how to mine crypto with free Starbucks electricity but is this venture sustainable? The answer is, that it is one thing to amaze people on Tik Tok and another to walk the talk.  Idan has not onlly shown people what is possible, he is even showing them how. Bitcoinmerch.com is full of guides that educate beginner miners on how to go about it and understand the territory.

Final thoughts

Bitcoin Merch and its founder seem to have a lot of publicity online due to Abada’s Tik Tok video. He went ahead and formed a store that would allow every common person to invest in crypto mining after all, why should the blockchain break traditional banking monotony when the pros are the only ones who enjoy the perks? Check out Trust Pilot reviews. 82% of Bitcoin Merch customers cannot be wrong.

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