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Aut New Universe Trello – Updates in Aut New World Trello!

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This short article gives details about the most recent updates in Aut New World Trello contributing to is approaching occasions.

Are you aware concerning the popular Roblox game A Universal Time? Are you aware that developers have released a brand new map hanging around? Are you aware the other updates are hanging around? When will other updates launch? What’s the idea of the sport?

AUT is a well-liked game within the U . s . States. But, presently, because of changes hanging around, you are unclear about acquiring treasure chests and couple of other game details. This short article on Aut New World Trello concentrates on all of the updates.


What’s AUT?

A Universal Time is really a game around the Roblox platform. It had been initially released in 2018. It is dependant on the job of author Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo Bizarre Adventure, that is a popular manga series. AUT is produced by World Time Studio gaming company. Kur Dev may be the creator from the game. The animation art comes from SIXER Company. AUT is definitely an adventure game where players combat one another, obtain various treasure chests, farming different products. New updates to AUT were folded on 30th August 2021 after testing.


Updates in Aut New World Trello:

The entire game was remodeled and reworked. The type will get teleported right into a portal that appears just like a black hole. Unlike a black hole, the portal is vibrant colored, circling a yellow color hole within the center. The figures enter a brand new world. It is not all more updates is going to be released in parts.  So, let’s consider the updates hanging around:


  • D4C
  • Gojo Satoru spec from Jujutsu Kaisen is going to be much like Goku with better combat moves.
  • Weather Report
  • Omnitrix in the Ben 10 series is going to be much like Goku
  • SP Rework
  • Amon from TLOK can also be introduced hanging around
  • TW Rework Learn more about updates in Aut New World Trello below.
  • Gamemodes
  • SP TW Rework
  • Shinigami Remodel
  • JS Rework
  • Reaper Remodel
  • Naruto Nine tails spec
  • DTW Rework


Other Updates:

  • Killua Spec update was planned after DELTA.
  • Sans update was planned after DELTA. But, later disconfirmed it, and developers are presently focusing on it. Additionally, Nocturnus and Sol will also be labored upon.
  • Jonathan Joestar boss and Sharingan Spec were leaked although not confirmed.
  • Rajini is going to be updated after Goku Spec.
  • Goku updates plan, giving more abilities, amounts of power, and effects.
  • Silver Chariot is going to be coming after NU.
  • Updates to Hermit Crimson Rework, Luffy Spec, Megumin Spec, and Tanjiro Spec in Aut New World Trello are unknown.
  • VQ gets renamed and remodeled as Oblivion Killer Queen. It will likely be unobtainable. But, Killer Queen and variants were Reworked and could be acquired.
  • The World Requiem Rework is definitely an approaching update.



Your comments ought to by many people gamers on social networking claim that because of alterations in the map, it is not easy to locate different products hanging around. The members will also be confused as couple of updates are anticipated, and also the game date could get reset. However, with a brand new world, new moves, new figures, and talents, in Aut New World Trello appear to possess got gamer’s attention with new areas to understand more about.

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