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Are 6 months enough to crack RBI Grade B Exams?

Are 6 months enough to crack RBI Grade B Exams?

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates all the banks and financial activities in India. Cracking the RBI Grade B examination allows an aspirant to get a government job in the prestigious institution, but cracking one of the most challenging banking exams is no easy target when looking at the competition level and the vast syllabus. It may seem daunting, but it is never too late to start preparing.

This article will help the aspirants willing to attempt their Grade B exam in the near future. Six months are enough for a successful attempt with the proper preparation and dedication.However, to benign your preparations for the exam, you need to know about the RBI Grade B syllabus in detail. To begin with the, RBI Grade B selection process comprises of 3 phases, phase 1, phase 2 followed by an interview and group discussion. 

Tips to Prepare for RBI Grade B Exam

Success in the exam isn’t determined by long hours of study or the best reference books; the right start sets the foundation for the right preparation.

  1. Firstly, determine your current position and get an idea of your desired position/goal. 
  2. Then, get the right motivation and source to keep up your spirit throughout the preparation. 
  3. Following others blindly can be a mistake. Understand your priorities, pace, and weaknesses and follow a customised strategy to get the desired results.

Ideal timeline for RBI Grade B Preparation

Usually, 8-10 months of preparation is required to crack RBI Grade B exam. Yet, hard work and time devoted are the significant determinants. You just need a highly effective yet easy-to-follow study plan customised to your strengths and weaknesses to start well from the very beginning. Following this, one can easily crack the exams within six months, in the first attempt only.

Help from Online Resources 

You can opt for RBI Grade B online coaching by BYJU’s Exam Prep that plays an immense important role in the progress of the RBI Grade B exam preparation by providing live classes, weekly tests, books, assignments, mock tests, activities, quizzes, with some of the best teachers as faculty, thus providing a power-packed package for preparation. 

Tips for RBI Grade B Preparation in 6 Months

  • Step 1: Study plan

Make a proper study plan to give yourself a clear direction in which you must move consistently. People make hourly, daily, monthly study plans, but it is more fruitful to stick to a weekly plan is more fruitful. This will help you map your management and progress regularly and make changes accordingly if something doesn’t seem to be working. 

  • Step 2: Section-wise Preparation

You would have to make different strategies for different sections, including economic and social issues, English writing skills, finance and management, general awareness, reasoning, quantitative aptitude. Avoid allotting the same amount of time and planning to all the sections. BYJU’s Exam Prep has meticulously planned lessons, broken down into sections, to help you keep your preparation effortless and effective.

When you understand the difference in curriculum between the subjects, you can understand your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you prioritize the weak topics and start preparing with the best strategy suited for you. Since the time between Phase I and Phase II is extremely short, it is advisable to allocate at least 3.5 months to Phase I and 2.5 months to Phase II (the majority of Phase II gets covered during the preparation of Phase I).

  • Step 3: Analyze Your Progress

Just studying is not enough; you should also analyze your progress regularly. Keep testing the waters by solving mock papers and quizzes. Doing this will help you understand how close you are to succeeding in the exam. Doing this can boost your confidence and motivation, and it also helps you strategize better.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter if you have six months, less, or even more; you have to give it your best shot. You have already taken the first step towards success by deciding to compete with tremendously capable aspirants out there. So, don’t let the duration be a determinant. Just follow the tips above and keep going!Stay Connect with our Education Blogs & education write for us.

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