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About Pictionary generator Apps or websites

by Rajdeep Basu
Pictionary generator

Indoor Games are part of every gathering and make your time memorable with your friends and family. There are many options for indoor games like ludo, snakes & ladders, Pictionary, etc. Today, we will talk about Pictionary for people who love to play the Pictionary game or want to know about this game. 

Pictionary is easy and a fun game to play, but it is hard to execute because the word to draw pictures is needs to prepare beforehand. Now, you must be thinking it will take your time to curate a list of words, but do you know there are many pictionary generators apps and websites to generate Pictionary words for the game. You can even play Pictionary online. But, we will talk about it later, but first, we will discuss the word generators for the game and the basic knowledge about the game.

What is Pictionary?

Pictionary is a game where players play in teams the least four players are needed. There is no limit on the number of players in this game; hence great game to play with your friends and family. In this game, one person has to draw a picture, and his partner or team members have to guess the word. The person who gets to draw the picture can’t do any gestures, verbal action, or non-verbal action and can’t write letters on the board. He could only draw pictures, and the partner or the team members had to guess the word. This guessing and drawing make the game full of laughter and fun.


The rules are pretty simple of the Pictionary- the person when sees the Pictionary word would have five seconds to think before they begin to draw the picture. Once they start to draw the picture, the partner has one minute to guess the word. If the partner guesses the correct word, the team gets one point, and if wrong, then zero points. After some even number of rounds, the team with the highest score will win. 

Why should you opt for these apps?

As we mentioned earlier, the difficult part is finding interesting and fun words, especially if the number of players is higher and you have no time to google it. But other benefits will make you like these apps. So, let’s begin:

Search word according to your interest

You can search words for any topic you are interested in and gets words accordingly. For example, you like the superheroes concept, then search it on the app and list Pictionary words on superhero’s topic. You can also search random pictionary generator words, and it will give you many words from different topics and include everyone in the game that no one will feel left out.

Improve your vocabulary

Playing Pictionary improves your vocabulary, and the word generators would help you learn random words and improve your vocabulary.

Many applications and websites are available on the internet where you can get a Pictionary generator for your next Pictionary game. For example- randomwordgenerator.com, wordrawapp.com, Pictionary word generator app, etc.

Online platform to play

We recommend Skribbl.io if you want to play Pictionary online. Scribble is an online multiplayer version of the Pictionary game. Here, a host will set the number of rounds of the game, and players will get options to choose which picture to draw. The other players will guess, and the person who guessed it in minimum time will get the highest points. 

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