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9 Benefits Of An Employee Self-service System

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Employee Self-service System

Modern consumers prefer avoiding human interaction and perform tasks themselves like self-checkout or online banking. Why should things be any different in a workplace?  

Your employees would love a self-service portal that addresses their concerns. This portal is called ESS (Employee Self-service System) using which employees can update personal information, track working hours, attendance, allow employees to access personal records, and other relevant information. It’s a desirable function for both employees and employers. 

Want to know how this employee service portal can benefit your HR department and employees? Keep reading…

1: Keep Employee Records Up to Date

Through an ESS system, employees can edit personal information and keep their records up to date. The software also prompts employees to complete their personal info, in case something is missing.

2: Performance Management 

ESS portals are making it much convenient for employees to complete self-evaluations, set goals, and access their annual performance evaluation reports. The human resources after identifying the right mortgage staffing methods for the organization can integrate evaluation KPIs into the portal to measure employee performances against certain objectives.

Employees can view their reports and all this makes the appraisal system much more transparent for everyone.

3: Apply for Leaves 

If your employees are still filling cumbersome forms to book leaves, you have got to switch to an ESS. Employees will simply log in to their portal and request time off.  The self-service portal sends alerts via email to inform if the request has been approved or rejected. All concerned parties remain informed through email alerts. The off-time records are automatically updated in the software. 

4: Make Employees Happier

Employees want an easier solution to handle routine tasks. This need can be met with a self-service system. It allows your workforce to plan their annual leaves, update personal information, generate payslips, and find answers to other questions. It puts them in control of the routine tasks and allows them to better use their time. 

5: No More Redundant Questions

The HR department including managers wished employees didn’t ask them redundant questions such as what is my leave balance? Is my leave approved? And so on. With an employee self-service system, the HR department won’t have to deal with these questions anymore. Employees can access all information directly. 

6: Accurate Time Tracking and Payroll

Nothing is more annoying than incomplete timesheets or an employee who forgot to clock out. Thanks to a self-service portal employees can complete their timesheets by the end of the day or week. The software reminds them by sending an update. This way, timesheets are completed on time and accurately. It prevents payroll mistakes, which is a relief. 

7: 24/7 Access to Data 

The employee self-service portal can be accessed remotely any time, whether you are at work, home, or any other location from any device. This means employees can access their data 24/7.

8: Cost-Saving Benefits

A report says that 50 percent of the time of the HR department is spent processing employee info and answering their questions. Having an ESS system reduces time spent on admin tasks by organizing everything starting from hiring info, training material, payroll details, and other information in one centralized location. 

With an Employee Self-Service system in place, all hours spent accessing and updating employee data will be eliminated. This will save time, energy, and money. It will also boost the business bottom line since productivity will increase. 

9: Request Pay Slips 

It can be monotonous for the payroll administrator to respond to requests for payslips. With an ESS system, employees can access their information by logging into their accounts and generate historic payslips, view them and even download them. 

10:  Make the HR Department More Efficient

An employee self-service system can reduce the workload of the HR department by 40 percent. In other words, the HR manager can dedicate administrative tasks to this software and focus on key issues for long-term success. Having an efficient ESS is critical for business success. 

With an Employee Self-Service system, you can allow your employees to direct their own path to success. It will boost your HR’s productivity and ensure your workforce remains satisfied. This investment will bring your organization undeniable long-term benefits. 

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