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6 Strategies to Improve Your Digital Marketing

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6 Strategies to Improve Your Digital Marketing

If you’re not doing most of your marketing online, you should. That’s where the customers are. Now that so many customers live and work on the web, focusing marketing efforts there makes good business sense. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or just updating your campaign, a few key tactics can help immensely. Here are six strategies for making the most of digital marketing.

1. Update Technology

From machine learning to artificial intelligence, automation is everywhere in business. Business Process Automation (BPA) is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of automation tools. Analytical algorithms, for example, can perform market research at a lower cost than a human team. Workflow automation software can perform mundane tasks, letting marketers focus on being creative. When planning a marketing campaign, research the technologies that might help you make the most of your time.

2. Network With Peers

You can learn marketing basics anywhere, but there’s no replacement for networking with other entrepreneurs. Attending networking events, whether in-person or online, can produce a wealth of information. You’ll get to hear the insights of leaders in your industry. Workshops are often available to help hone your skills. These events are also excellent for feeling out what directions market trends are going. Don’t forget the value of genuine friendship: Networking meetups can also be where you find support when times get tough.

3. Retool Your Webpages

If you’re not getting the leads or conversions you want, your website might be to blame. Audio-playing media, flash introductions, and flashing icons make websites look dated and desperate. Even failing to update your copyright date can give the impression that your site is old news. Other attributes to consider are text layout and color scheme. The text should generally be in an “F-pattern” for easy reading. Choose colors using science-based color psychology for maximum impact. Navigating your site should be a pleasure, not a strain.

4. Focus on Content Creation

Ford Motor Company commissioned a study in 2020 that found an alarming statistic: 77% of Americans reported a growing distrust of advertisement. Consumers are rightfully cynical of pushy salespeople and meaningless advertisements. Poorly-written content takes some of the blame too. Spelling errors and obvious agendas turn people away. Instead, you should build high-quality web content that focuses on subjects of interest to your target audience.

Solidly-written blog posts are also perfectly positioned for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO writing leverages specific keywords to get you noticed by search engine algorithms. Get people interested in your offerings in an informative and organic way.

5. Use High-ROI Channels

Search engine optimization is only one of several channels credited with a massive return on investment (ROI). According to research company Statista, email marketing has an average ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. The reason is low overhead. Emails can be sent en masse to leads. The global email open rate is only 18%. However, this hardly matters because sending them requires little effort. The text message opening rate is even higher. That’s why mobile advertising and marketing are becoming a distinct niche within digital marketing. These methods work best in concert, so utilize an omnichannel approach and cross-promote content tailored specifically to each channel you use.

6. Measure Reach and Effectiveness

The information you gain from a marketing campaign is invaluable regardless of how well it succeeds. Far too many marketers neglect valuable data. Metrics like the number of reposts made by leads (along with response time and rate) can tell you what is or isn’t working. Google Analytics is one common and powerful tool for learning these facts. Other social media sites often have similar utilities hardwired into the platform. YouTube lets content creators know the like/dislike ratio on their vlogs. All data points are valuable for building a comprehensive appraisal of your market and how your brand makes an impact.

Digital marketing is both a process and a mindset. An effective campaign means knowing your market and your business equally well. Keep these tips handy as you move into the next quarter.

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