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5 Ways to Protect Your Dog from Rain

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Protect Your Dog from Rain

Just as humans prefer to stay warm inside on a rainy day, dogs frequently do as well. Warmer weather means more time to play and train in the backyard for many dog owners. However, spending more time outside can lead to more mess, especially when it rains. While some dogs enjoy playing in the rain, many dogs dislike going for walks when it is raining. Some dogs refuse to go outside, while others do so only because they have some business to attend to.

And for owners, keeping their dogs clean during hikes or backyard playtime can add to the stress of keeping a clean car and house.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pet dry and comfortable while you enjoy the outdoors this spring. Understandably, your pup may need some convincing to go for a walk in the rain, but with the right gear, they’ll be just as happy walking in the rain as they are in the sun.

Get Your Dog the Right Spring Gear

Dogs used to live in the wild, but they’ve been domesticated for a long time. As a result, they, like us humans, get sick in the rain. As a result, you must ensure that your dog is appropriately dressed for a rainy walk – just as you would!

Spring dog raincoats, for example, are a great option. Most people think they’re just cute outfits, but they also have a practical side.

Raincoats are an excellent way to keep your dog warm. A dog rain jacket provides an essential layer of protection against wind and cold air, as well as keeping your dog dry, which keeps him more sociable. This is especially useful if you have a short-haired breed, as there isn’t as much natural protection.

Another notable benefit is available to dogs who have recently been injured or have had surgery. Wounds that are healing must be kept dry to prevent infection. A raincoat can keep water from seeping through your dog’s bandages and disrupting the healing process.

If your pet gets wet or dirty on their walk while using all of the above rainy day walk essentials, have a drying towel on hand to clean them off before they make a mess of the house.

If it’s still raining outside, but your pet is itching to go outside and leave its spot by the window. Although wet pawprints on the ground are adorable, it is best to protect your pet’s paws with rain boots to avoid grass, mud, or leaves getting stuck between your dog’s paw pads.

Avoid congested streets

Small splashes are likely on busy roads with cars whizzing by over puddles. And the last thing you want is for your dog to get wet!

Furthermore, your dog may become ill if he drinks the contaminated water laced with fuel and dirt. So, where should they go for a walk? Parks, on the other hand, is always an option!

Keep them on a leash at all times

Many dog owners have developed a disciplined relationship with their canines and raised extremely obedient ones.

However, if it is raining, you will notice that the streets are a little more chaotic than usual – cars splashing water, people fleeing for cover, and not to mention the pouring rain or thunder.

All of these sounds have the potential to frighten your dog. They may become scared or overly excited, causing them to act erratically. Even if it’s just for rainy-day walks, you should keep them on a leash.

A waterproof or umbrella leash can support dogs weighing up to 15 pounds and is translucent, allowing you to see how your pet is doing. Why not treat your dog in the same way you would treat yourself? Most people dislike walking outside in the rain, so umbrellas exist! So, keep your furry friend in mind the next time you’re out running in the shower and get them an umbrella leash for any upcoming rainy-day walks.

Reduce the length of your walks

During the rain, your pet may be vulnerable to various hazards, including infections, bug bites, water-borne diseases, and even frostbite if the weather is cold enough.

As a result, you should keep your walks short for the sake of both your and your dog’s health.

Walks cannot be completely replaced; however, as you shorten the walks, you will need to find other ways for your dog to burn energy. It would be best to play some indoor games with them or teach them new tricks.

Wash and Dry your Dog

Before entering your home, lightly rinse your dog to remove any residual mud and germs. It would be best to dry them off with a towel or a blow dryer to prevent them from getting a cold.

However, if you walk your dog frequently in the rain, frequent washing and drying may cause their skin to dry out.

Take them to an open area and have them shake off the moisture and dirt. Dogs’ fur is usually slick and does not hold dirt.


Finally, it would be best if you were not afraid to walk your dog on rainy days. Dogs are tough animals, and a little rain should never deter them from spending some time outside.

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