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5 Feet Apart Ending: Who Died? Did Stella And Will Make It?

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Tobias Iaconis and Mikki Daughtry teamed up to create and direct Five Feet Apart. They had no idea of what they were getting into. The film was inspired by her cystic fibrosis.

Haley Lu Richardson, a young cystic fibrosis patient, and Cole Sprouse, a young man with the same name, want to start a relationship despite being separated by six feet. The film was distributed in the United States by Lionsgate and CBS Films on March 15, 2019. The film received mixed reviews from critics and grossed more than $91 million worldwide.


In the film, Stella Grant is played in part by Haley Lu Richardson.
Cole Sprouse plays the role of William Newman (or Will)
Poe Ramirez, a play by Moises Arias
Barbara Parminder Nagra was nominated to play the role of Nurse.
Claire Forlani as Meredith Newman
Nurse Emily Baldoni Julie
Cynthia Evans, an actress, was cast in the role of Erin Grant.
Gary Weeks plays the role of Tom Grant.
Sophia Bernard plays Abby Grant.
Cecilia Leal plays Camila in the film.


The Five-Foot Apart Ending


Stella discovers that she must live her life after the death of Edgar Allan Poe. Will and Stella decide to see the lights together. They dance and have fun at a frozen lake. The hospital received a female patient who had been injured in an accident.

Stella is an excellent match for the girl’s lungs. Stella is not found at the hospital, so the nurse attempts to find her. Stella ignores Will’s texts and spends more time with Will. Stella’s lung is the topic of Will’s text message.

He tries to convince her but Stella becomes gloomy when he makes arguments. Stella falls into the ice as they talk. Will manages to rescue her but, when Stella stops breathing, he cannot help but perform CPR. He saved her.

Will was able to convince Stella to have the procedure after she returned to the hospital. Stella was not infected according to the reports after Will’s successful transplant.

A Short Synopsis and Critique

To prevent infection spreading, patients with Cystic Fibrosis should keep six feet distance between them. Transmission of infection by patients can prove fatal. These guidelines are followed by Stella, a Cystic Fibrosis suffer.

Will’s first impression is negative. He’s someone who doesn’t mind taking chances and breaking the rules. She begins to notice his rule-breaking and how it leads to him not adhering to his treatment plan.

By imposing some conditions on him, she is able convince him to follow his treatment plan. As they spend more time together, Will and Stella find their romance flourishes.

Five Feet Apart’s story is a great example of how the film’s producers have done a fantastic job researching the disease and making it more real. The film doesn’t try to spoonfeed the viewers, but rather leaves many aspects up to the viewers.

It is not always necessary to use words to communicate a message. It featured a small number of characters. Five Feet Apart, however, focuses only on a few people and then grows their cast.

A summary of the Story


Cystic Fibrosis is a rare condition that mainly affects the lungs. The condition can also cause severe restrictions in the lives of sufferers. They must maintain a distance of six feet when they come in contact with the microbes of each other, which are different for each person.

Stella meets Will through this. Both are going through the same thing when it comes to lung transplants.

Stella, despite her rigid regimen, is a free-spirited teenager who uploads her experiences to YouTube. Will, on the other hand seems to be more comfortable with the reality of his mortality than Stella and is less enthusiastic about the suggested course of action.

Stella is furious when Stella finds out about the disorder. She demands that he be disciplined because she can’t take it anymore. Stella has OCD, and must be responsible for everything around her.

Will makes her draw her while she arranges her medication. The staff suggests that they keep their distance to Stella in order to protect her. They fall in love and get married.


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