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Common Office Network Problems and How to Fix Them – Virtual private network Errors!

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Employed in a workplace comes with numerous needs. One particular requirement is really a solid and stable network setup. Therefore, whenever your network starts causing problems, you can get you trouble contacting your customers or disrupt your projects online.

Network issues are typical in almost any office atmosphere, so you needn’t panic as they possibly can be solved in easy ways.

Here are the everyday office network problems as well as their solutions!


Slow web connection

Possibly probably the most common network problems, a sluggish web connection is one thing that may be frustrating in addition to time-consuming. There are a number of explanations why your online speed has slowed lower.

You have to keep refreshing your modem/router every so often as sometimes, the rate may slow lower because of the constant utilization of it. One more reason might be that the modem is becoming outdated and it is time to change it with a brand new one.

The web speed also depends upon the type of router you’ve set up in your workplace. There are a number of various routers available for sale, and every one of them have features. In case your work place is big with many different devices attached to the same network, you should install lengthy range wireless routers for much better and smooth connectivity.


You should check out the best lengthy range wi-fi routers available for sale here.

Aside from this, you could check up together with your internet provider and make certain there’s not a problem using their finish.


Virtual private network Errors

Utilizing a Virtual private network is typical in offices. Virtual private network is usually employed for improving the security in our office network. However, you might face Virtual private network errors every so often. This often occurs when the Virtual private network is blocked through the network firewall. You are able to fix these Virtual private network errors by:

  • Checking firewall settings and ensuring the Virtual private network isn’t being blocked. Try switching off the firewall for some time if the Virtual private network works.
  • Check the Virtual private network connection on all of the devices at work. Sometimes, the mistake may be occurring on just one system.
  • Check when the Virtual private network name matches using the client’s name. Whether it doesn’t match, the mistake won’t get resolved.

With such methods, you are able to fix your Virtual private network errors. When the problem still persists, contact the Virtual private network company.



Virus attack is yet another common issue in softwares and systems. These problems could be harmful for the entire system altogether, because it risks all of the data kept in the devices. The information could be completely easily wiped away, or worse, could be leaked.

There are plenty of the way by which infections could possibly get to your systems without you knowing. You are able to prevent them by staying away from hitting unknown or junk e-mail links, visiting non-guaranteed websites, or installing junk e-mail files.

For this reason Anti-virus softwares are a workplace-necessity today. If your virus enters the body in some way, you ought to be ready for it by getting an anti-virus software installed in your body.

Whenever you notice unusual glitches, suspicious activities, or perhaps your systems are often hanging, there might be an opportunity that the virus has joined the machine. Thus, you have to operate a reliable anti-virus enter in order to handle the virus.

However, there might be an opportunity the software may be unable to identify herpes. If this type of factor happens, you have to immediately seek specialist help and never delay.


Duplicate IP Addresses

Many a occasions, you have to stumbled upon a message of “IP address already in use” on your pc. This really is another technical network issue that’s common in offices. Although it is technical, you can easily resolve.

The duplicate Ip issue occurs because of your router’s DHCP default configuration. Whenever you introduce a brand new device in your network, you could disable the DHCP server with that device to avert this Ip conflict.

You may also alter the settings from static Ip into DHCP client. If the problem still persists, try getting specialist help onto it.


DNS Errors

DNS errors will also be intricacies that occur because of Ip issues. These problems show up whenever your system is not able to connect with an Ip. You might frequently see messages for example DNS name doesn’t exist, Ip couldn’t be located, Network path can’t be available on your device.

When you discover such errors, the very first factor you could do is to see if your system is attached to the internet. Make certain the web connection is within good range.

You may also look into the Ip settings and also the DNS network settings to find out if there’s any risk. However, we’d recommend seeking specialist help about this issue because it is more about a technical side, also it should had better be taken proper care of with a specialist.


Computer Not able to connect with Network

This problem is yet another common one faced by everybody in offices. If your computers isn’t connecting towards the network although the wireless is started up, you can test the next hacks to repair this problem.

  • Make certain the pc is incorporated in the selection of the router. If so, try rebooting the router and also the computer too.
  • Check when the cable is working fine. Try reattaching the cable, and when needed, replacing it with a brand new one.
  • Check the firewall settings if the firewall on the pc is blocking the network.
  • You may also try resetting the network settings on your pc. This often fixes all of the bugs associated with systems around the device as all of the settings are restored to default.


When the above methods fail to work, we’d again recommend specialist help for resolving these errors.



While employed in a workplace, network errors are pretty common. When you are to understand much more about the way the network errors occur, you could understand the solutions. However, this really is just for the fundamental day-to-day errors. If there’s a large and sophisticated network problem, it is best to choose a professional consultant. Hopefully this short article helped you resolve the network items you face inside your office.

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