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123Movies: A Complete Review In 2022

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123Movies was formerly one of the most popular websites for streaming movies and TV episodes online. GoMovies, MeMovies, GoStream, and 123movieshub are just a few of the names it’s gone by throughout the years. Although the original 123Movies website was shut down in March 2018, mirror and clone sites continue to provide access to the site’s content. Worldwide, law enforcement organizations have been keeping a careful watch on online platforms that facilitate the illegal viewing of intellectual material.

What Is 123movies

There is no cost to use 123movies. There are hundreds of movies accessible for download or streaming on 123movies, making it one of the biggest sites of its sort. As one of several illicit clone sites, 123movies is part of a larger network. 123Movies does not need its users to sign up for an account or register before streaming. Enter the URL, choose the movie you want to view, and enjoy! At first glance, 123movies might seem like a great service. You should know that 123Movies and the other sites like it that let you view movies online for free are breaking the law. This is why the authorities have been looking for 123movies and have had to rebrand and switch hosting providers so often.

Is Using 123movies Illegal?

In most countries, using 123Movies is against the law. The downloading (and, by extension, the streaming) of copyrighted information is illegal in most countries and regions. This is done to safeguard intellectual property. Some nations, however, do not prohibit its usage for private purposes. Sites like 123Movies, PrimeWire, Popcorn Time, and Putlocker are illegal in several countries due to copyright infringement and piracy laws.

Why A VPN Is Necessary to Watch 123Movies

Governments across the globe have taken action against 123Movies, prompting the company’s owners to launch some imitation sites. Perhaps only certain nations will get access to each clone. If your country has blocked access to 123Movies, you may still use a VPN to see your favourite episodes and movies. A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your data as it travels from your device to the server. Your data is encrypted, and you are assigned a new IP address from the server’s location.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to get an IP address in another country allows you to continue viewing 123Movies while securing your connection. VPN use is recommended regardless of the presence or absence of censorship. When you visit one of the sites we monitor, you can rest certain that our state-of-the-art encryption will prevent any unauthorized parties from stealing your data or hurting your machine.

How To Watch 123Movies Safely

Since 123Movies is illegal in many regions, we cannot promote its usage there. There are, however, jurisdictions that permit the use of such streaming services for private use. Protect yourself from prying eyes, malware, and harmful website hosts while utilizing a 123Movies mirror in countries where doing so is legal. To keep your data and device secure when streaming movies online, you should utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


While 123Movies may be accessible in your country, it is still recommended that you use a VPN for security reasons. A trustable VPN provides a comprehensive service in one package, including access to a vast network of servers in different locations, high data transfer rates, and more. You may safely enjoy all of your 123Movies content.

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